Architectural Representation Services

For Direct Reach to your target customers, here's 8 reasons why you should engage IN2 Architectural Products (IN2AP) Architectural Representation Services

  • We work on a Brand Synergy philosophy. Promoting your brand is done via a number of different pathways in order to multiply effectiveness. We focus on integrating and partnering products to maximize exposure in the marketplace. Depending on the project type (education, hospital, healthcare etc.) we partner products that inter-relate and present a solution to specifiers.

  • At IN2AP we pride ourselves on being product solutions specialists. We are educated By global partners about the latest up to date technologies and trends and we are committed to sharing this information with Australian Specifiers. IN2AP develops CPD modules based on our understanding of the issues, challenges and learning opportunities we identify for specifiers and we invite our suppliers to partner with us through CPD Shared Sponsorship.

  • IN2AP was commenced in the year 2000 and is now firmly established as one of Australia's most reputable freelance architectural representation companies. With many years’ experience in the A + D marketplace our comprehensive national database of contacts has been built directly from industry relationships.

  • IN2AP specialises in connecting specifiers with products. We cover all bases from face to face product presentations, digital marketing via Design Environment specific E-newsletters, EDM’s, Project Expressions of Interest, social media management to CPD hosting and development.

  • We drive traffic to our Online Architectural Library with our daily marketing activities giving your products and brand the greatest opportunity for exposure in a user friendly and uncluttered website presentation format that allows the user to search By Brand, Product Category and Design Environment.

  • IN2 Architectural Products capacity to obtain appointments with time-poor A+D specifiers is underpinned By a history of delivering relevant and valued product knowledge.

  • We save you money! IN2AP services cost approximately 50% less than the cost of employing a sales representative. In addition, IN2AP's proven services, tracking and reporting systems deliver unparalleled value and transparency for our customers.

  • At IN2AP we don't believe in a one size fits all approach. IN2AP packages are tailor made to meet the needs and budgets of our clients.

To learn more about our Architectural Representation Services please contact us on 9646 1007 or email